“Hildebrand Farm’s first inception to the organic market place began in the spring of 2010 with an idea inspired by Bryan Hildebrand with the help of Green Barn Nursery.    Following that idea came the support and influence from his father Len Hildebrand to put their plan in motion and start one of the few organic farms that exist in Canada today. 

Hildebrand Farm’s organic farming methods produce high quality food with an explosion of flavors.  Under current development there are acres of rolling orchards filled with mixtures of organic fruit, vegetables and nuts. 

This project is designed to be a part of local communities which are growing at an increasingly high rate each year. 

Our main focus is to provide healthy produce with the simplest and safest forms of farming.”


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“Growing new futures with old natural ways, we simply return to the earth what she has given to us to meet the current demands of local organic markets.”

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