November, 2010

Farmers Forum News

“Bryan Hildebrand is one of Green Barn’s latest and largest projects. He has 44 acres near Cornwall, which he plans to gradually fill with trees (300 on every five acres). He’s focusing on Asian pears for now but will also plant plums, cherries, seedless grapes, peaches, nectarines, and several varieties of nuts. Once the trees start producing full yield in three to five years he expects to be earning gross revenue of $60,000 to $100,000 for each five-acre section. (Leroux and Taylor estimate $40,000 in all annual costs per farm including labour and equipment.) "It’s not an easy task," Hildebrand says. He advises having another source of income until the trees reach their full yield.”   Exotic Fruits - By Jessica Sims   Full article here.

“Many new orchardists where born this fall. I’d like to congratulate the Hildebrand’s for their project in Cornwall. Bryan Hildebrand even worked for us for a few weeks to learn the ropes before we installed his very own orchard together. In the picture below you can see Bryan and Adrian planting blueberries for Routes des Gerbes d’Angelica which installed a diversified small fruit ‘u pick’ in 2 acres of permanent plastic.”  Full article here.

Bryan & Adrian planting blueberries for Route des Gerbes d’Angelica

May, 2011

Planted about...175 additional fruit trees.  Could not have been accomplished without Mr. Len Hildebrand.  This adds to the increasing success of the Green Orchard Project.  Stay tuned for further developments!

September, 2011

Installed our first solar powered electric fence!  That will keep the deer out!

October, 2011

Trees are growing up very nice, check out Len standing by one of his Asian Pear trees.


January 11, 2011

Green Point News Letter / Green Barn Nursery


June , 2013

Planted about 1000 strawberries plants.  Lots of hard work laying plastic all by hand.

We hope to have a good crop next spring/summer.

June , 2013

Planted about 150 blueberry bushes.  Looking good and will have fruit this year!

April , 2013

Finally have received our organic certificate!  Certified and ready to go Canada!

July, 2012

Planted 600 Raspberries!

July , 2014

Black Raspberries are ready!


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May, 2014

Planting Strawberries!

Expanding our operation this spring of 2014 we have decided to add an acre or so of organic strawberries.  This will be ready to pick in mid-July to early August.  More Organic farming near Ottawa, Ontario, Cornwall and and Montreal, Quebec!  We plan on having a U-pick this year for raspberries, blue berries and strawberries.  Keep posted for more news on this project.

July, 2014, Ready for Market

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